Anna Andrews responds

Anna Andrews had not received my survey when I sent it out originally and I apologize to her if the error was mine. The answers she provided (after only receiving the questions today) are published below.


Anna Andrews replies:

1. Most certainly. It is imperative that the Council leads the way not only for its own savings but it must be seen to encourage all new buildings whether commercial or residential to also follow regulations which will help to preserve the future of our planet.

2. All three mentioned facilities are quite adequately financed at present. The gardens are a credit to Invercargill along with the swimming pool and its two galleries. However, other cultural facilities which could possibly be encouraged would be the visits of top groups/bands which many of the younger age group would like to see visiting here.

3. In the vast majority of cases, businesses are profit driven. When they make a profit do they offer it to the Council? Alas no! However, Vibrant Southland, Chamber of Comerce, Export Institute and the monitoring programme run by the Government are all available to new businesses, plus a fair sprinkling of accountants all willing to help. I speak from experience.

4. Most certainly but the cyclists need education: cyclists on the shared pedestrian/cyclist lanes should also recognise the pedestrian has the right of way.

5. Definitely. I have campaigned on improving the ambience of South City with the planting of more trees. Perhaps the land which has recently been cleared of trees could be made into a park and the extension of the walk way be planted with flowers from time to time. Even a change of name so there is no differential between North and South should be considered.

6. Without a doubt. I have strongly campaigned on this point. The sooner the better. Even perhaps using vegetable waste to make compost which could be re-sold to the public should also be considered.

7. Facilities for teenagers within the City are very good, especially for the sports minded. There are tennis clubs, cricket grounds, hockey grounds, swimming pools, skate board park, rugby and football clubs plus a number of golf course and a miriad of other sports clubs all of which are open to teenagers. There are café bars for social gatherings, youth groups, cinema and not least the stadium with its facilities. What I do consider quite extraordinarily miserly is the $20K allotted by the Council for the youth of Invercargill.

8. Sustainable practices should be an integral part of Councils activities.

9. I have mentioned within the answers given to the Chamber of Commerce that I would like to see a mini bus operating between Bluff and Invercargill on a regular basis but I would like to add that I would also like to see a subsidy applied to this service, especially for the retired, unemployed people of Bluff. Perhaps a special free pass issued by Council to retired people of Bluff could be considered. I am sure this would go a long way to helping people with small incomes.

With regard to disabled users, I believe there are a number of buses with wheelchair access. However, we must be realistic in our dreams and aspirations. Our small population does not allow for grandoise schemes and excessive facilities without the rates rising. Therefore the established services within the City must remain for the time being. There are a number of facilities available to the disabled, not least of which a subsidised taxi service and one or two private firms which do an excellent and very cheap service.

10. MOST CERTAINLY. Lets try and encourage all new buildings whether commercial or residential to encourage energy efficiency. I believe it is possible to get a grant to have solar power installed so perhaps more along this line might be encouraged. It might be necessary to set up a sub-committee to encourage this together with questions 1 and 6.

I am interested in all aspects of Council business. However, I wish to be a voice or conduit of the voters to the Council: to listen to what they say and to try and interpret it to the very best of my ability. I want to help the people of Invercargill by giving back to them the benefits of my life’s experiences. It is not my intention to have a personal agenda, and I promise that half my salary will be given to Southland charities if I am elected.

I would like to see a more open Council, a more available Council and one which is accountable. In particular I would like to see the Mayor’s monthly spending and activities printed in the paper for all to see not just where he spends his money, but the many activities which he undertakes.

I would like to see the rates increases held to the cost of living or less.
I would like to see ILT being more responsible by closing their establishment by midnight or a little later and not staying open until early hours of the morning.
There are so many things I would like to see happening. Budgetting, Environment, inner City, South City and on and on.
Finally perhaps I would like to see a form of referendum when very large sums of the ratepayers’ money is involved.
No not finally alas. I would also like to see more open Council Meetings.


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