Three years gone, elections loom.

I have decided that it is time to resurrect this blog in time for the next local body elections. The historical posts contained here make interesting reading, especially in light of the devisive issue of green waste and the three bins. I started this blog a little late in the election process last time and plan to be more organised this time round.


robertguyton said…
I'm very glad to see you back here bsprout. Any coverage of the local body elections is a step toward greater democratic involvement by the people of Southland and I support your efforts. Naturally enough, as a candidate standing in the coming local body election I would like to invite you and your readers to bookmark and visit my own blog:
to read what I'm offering as a candidate.
Looking forward to reading your stuff.
bsprout said…
Thanks, Robert, I'm hoping for greater exposure this time round and I guess I have to make sure it's worth visiting. As soon as the candidate lists are out I'll distribute my questionaires.
robertguyton said…
Counting down bsprout.
Friday's the last day for nominations to be lodged.
What the campaign needs is something early, quirky and fun.
We'll see what tomorrow brings ...

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