My Rates Bill

Today I received our latest rates bill and while it is never pleasant having to pay out large sums of money (we pay almost $2000 per year) it caused me to reflect on what I receive for my money.
  • A well stocked and managed public library often used by my whole family on a regular basis.
  • A sports stadium and pool both regularly used by family members.
  • Our rubbish and some recyclabe plastics collected from our house.
  • A reliable supply of water to our house and our waste piped away.
  • Cycleways and paths used by our whole family for recreation and getting from one place to another in relative safety.
  • Parks that are the envy of many where we often walk in an evening or attend the many theatrical or family events held within them.
  • Anderson Park Art Gallery and the Southland Museum, both wonderful facilities we visit on a regular basis.
  • Our street is regularly swept and trees planted and maintained.
  • A theatre that is only one of two in the South Island that can host full Ballets that my wife supports with a passion.
  • A free bus service that passes near our home.
  • Street lighting and signage that assist my movements around the city and support general safety.
  • My dealings with the local council staff are largely positive and helpful.
All of this and more for around $39 per week for my family of four. I think this is good value and have no problem justifying my latest payment. It doesn't mean services can't be improved but we are hardly being ripped off by the Invercargill City Council.


robertguyton said…
Did you notice the GST hike on your rates demand bsprout?
Thanks National.
bsprout said…
It'll be on the next one I guess. I overheard a frazzled looking shop assistant explaining to a friend that she was in the middle of changing all the prices in her shop to take account of the increase in GST. The increase hurts in more ways than one.
robertguyton said…
Labours leaflet explaining the changes has caused a commotion amongst right-wing circles. Seems it was 'open to various interpretations' and might be 'misleading to the householder'.
Pepsi - Coke.

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