The Green Threat!

Dear Sir

As the Green Party rises in the polls I recently heard a reference to this as if it implied a threat to the very fabric of our society. “Imagine what would happen if the Greens got into power” they said. So I did, and this is what I came up with:
  • We would have warmer homes
  • We would have less children living in poverty
  • Kiwi Bank would become the Government’s bank
  • We would be able to swim in our rivers again
  • The minimum wage would go up
  • We would have lots of new jobs in the renewable energy sector
  • Our Clean Green brand would mean something
  • Our rest homes would be properly staffed and regulated
  • Our schools will focus on learning, not flawed assessment systems
  • The Southerner Train would be reinstated
  • We would have a Kiwi Saver option that would take less in fees
  • We would keep our brightest minds in New Zealand by investing more in R&D
  • We would retain our state assets and use them to support new industry
  • We would bring greater transparency into government
I didn’t think it sounded too bad and I had to wonder what the alternative was.

Yours sincerely
Dave Kennedy
Green Party Candidate 


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