2014 Party Gender Balance

Out of interest I have looked at each party's list rankings and worked the ratio and percentage of women who would be elected if they got the best possible vote. I compared the parties on the so called 'left' and 'right' of the political spectrum and those that consider themselves in the centre.


ACT                             1/5                20%            

Conservatives              2/5                40%

National                       17/60            27%


United Future              0/1                 0%  

Maori Party                 2/5                 40%

New Zealand First      2/10               20%


Labour                       21/40              52.5%

Greens                        9/20               45% (it was 50% before Holly Walker withdrew)

Internet Mana             2/5                 40%

Some time ago I wrote a blog post on the importance of gender balance in governance situations.


Philip Todd said…
Very interesting facts. I am a believer in the need for balance and to be honest woman apart from Judith usually are much better at the detail. They also don't have the male ego that drives so many to be the biggest or best or fastest.
I am still firmly of the opinion that Helen Clark was the best PM this country has seen since Norman Kirk and if it wasn't for the constant bickering among men who felt inadequate in her presence she would have been even greater
Armchair Critic said…
Good luck Dave. I said earlier on this year and late last year I was intending to vote National. I'm intending not to, due to their appalling behaviour as brought to light in recent months.
Philip Todd said…
I will say the same as AC. Good luck for tomorrow, it will be an interesting evening.
I sense something is going to surprise us all. Am sad to see the failure of the Labour party to latch onto the things they should have been fighting for like the corporate greed infecting our small country. They have left the door wide open for the Greens to occupy much of their part of the pasture and the Greens have done that well. When I see polls from the business CEO,s being scared for the future if Greens get a large say in the next govt I see that you are on the right tract and they are running scared for themselves. Why Labour tip toes around such issues and does not come out swinging I will never know especially as there are some great examples out there like Solid Energy and the West Coast disaster where company directors still pocketed their fees but walked away from their obligations and responsibilities.

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