Government Given the Bums Up!

From the North to the South, in fine weather and foul, Tim Groser and his Government got the bums up from New Zealanders. The nationwide Heads in the Sand protest today provided a physical expression of our concern that climate change deserved greater attention. Our Government Ministers need to get their heads out of the sand on this issue.


Mission Bay

West Auckland

Browns Bay








Fossil fuels are destroying our future!

This Government is committing ecocide!


Paranormal said…
Typical greens with their heads in the sand...
bsprout said…

You do realize it was a visual representation of National's approach to climate change?

Most of those taking part in Invercargill weren't members of the Green Party.

Also understand that we all lifted our heads out of the sand while our Government Ministers appear to have theirs permanently lodged there ;-)
Paranormal said…
Oh sorry I thought it was a caption contest.

You've lost the plot if you think this was effective campaigning. The Timaru one (I think it was) in particular was a PR fail with the two individuals not even being able to hook up on the same beach. Most New Zealanders would have thought what I said in my comment.
Armchair Critic said…
Paranormal has a reasonable point, Dave.
The way the protest message was presented was poorly thought through.
There werr a few possible underlying messages, such as:
The govt have their head in the sand and so do we (why? To show support for the govt?)
We're prepared to do something dangerous and futile to show our opposition to the govt?
When I read about it I thought it seemed nonsensical or ridiculous, and couldn't bring myself to support the action, even though I could support the intent.
bsprout said…
AC, it was a bit ridiculous but it was interesting to see a real cross section of people in Invercargill taking part. I think it was also a bit of fun and light relief for many who have found the election result difficult. We got good coverage in the media locally and we were able to get some key messages across because of the quirky nature of the action. I quite agree it wasn't for everyone.

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