Power Shift Down South

Our local body elections have been and gone and what a dramatic change we have in our councils. Different people are now sitting in the seats of power and different ways of thinking are being stirred into the stagnant mix we had before.

Environment Southland has, in Ali Timms, a Chair who actually speaks out in favour of the environment instead of as a mouthpiece for Federated Farmers and the Invercargill City Council has members who set personal goals that seem to be borrowed direct from Transition Towns.

We in the South do have some testing challenges ahead with the proposed lignite mining and the impending putrification of the Waituna Lagoon, but now we have some real champions for environmental common sense in places where they can really make a difference. We have hope.


Iconoclastix said…
Keep up the good work, Dave. Best wishes from Auckland.
robertguyton said…
Send Russel Norman down to express the Green's views on Waituna - Southlanders need to hear that the Greens have recognised the dangers presented to valuable water bodies like Waituna for a very long time and give them a chance to contrast that with the behaviour of Labour and National over the management of the industries that impact so negatively on those vital areas.

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