Real Men Have Big Gardens

For the last three years my sister, Robyn Guyton, has roped me into running a workshop on Autumn planting at the Riverton Harvest Festival she organises with her husband, Robert. I wish I had taken photographs of the festival itself as there were numerous colourful displays of nature's bounty and useful workshops on preserving and processing home grown food. I have had to make do with a picture of a recent tomato harvest from my small greenhouse and earlier photo of my own garden.

The quarter acre with the vege garden at the back was once accepted as normal, but greater work pressures, less time and the convenience of supermarkets saw sections being subdivided and patios, barbecues  and landscaped garden "rooms" taking precedence.  The vege garden has all but disappeared from most homes now, however, after three years the festival has become a well supported local event with growing numbers of people embracing the joy of growing their own food.

I liked the poster I saw at the festival stating, "Real Men Have Big Gardens", wouldn't it be great if this replaced sporting prowess, car ownership or beer drinking as an accepted status determiner for New Zealand males. "He's got a big one" will take on a whole new meaning...


robertguyton said…
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robertguyton said…
Dave - yours looks well proportioned!!
I've visited Dave' garden many times and it's a very productive one - he's finely tuned his tunnel house to produce more tomatoes than is decent and his raised beds are overflowing with vegetables.
I too am a firm believer that
"Real men have big gardens."
bsprout said…
Thanks, Robert, however, while mine may be big by most people's standards yours is enormous. I guess though its not about size in the end, but how you use it. ;-)
robertguyton said…
I want to add,
"and it's attractive to birds' but we've gone too far already Dave!
Shane Pleasance said…
Bah! Me missus raised beds lie unmade by in a sprawl of overgrown wood.
Sitting down to pee from now on!
Shane Pleasance said…
unmade by me, that is.
bsprout said…
Shane-It is never too late to resurrect your waning manhood. A few hours is all you need to get those raised beds up and functioning. Get in some silverbeet, spinach, mini cauliflowers and cabbage and you'll be set up for Winter. I have heard that peeing in the garden (discreetly of course) can be good for your crops.
Shane Pleasance said…
Or perchance a viagra tree?

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