Building Productivity National's Way

After thirty years of teaching I have learned one or two things through the experience of just doing the job. The most important thing I have learned is that children only really learn and progress if they believe themselves capable of doing so and their self belief is hugely reliant on others believing in them.

Treating children with respect, consistency and fairness also goes a long way to getting respect from them and creating a positive and productive working environment. Strangely enough I have found that when I apply similar principles to adults, when I am in a management role, it also produces huge benefits to the worksite atmosphere and staff performance.

This government has sent clear messages to the New Zealand workforce that they don't back them or believe in them. They refuse to recognize that our workers should be paid a livable wage and so devalue the work that many do. They outsource manufacturing when a workforce capable of producing the same things already exists in our own country. They refuse to collaborate with professional groups such as teachers and demand obedience in the implementation of initiatives that have no professional basis. They take direction from international corporates over New Zealand workers to the extent of changing employment law that will disadvantage those workers.

The Government's distrust of workers mean they have to produce medical certificates for every minor absence, when asked, and anyone not in work must be a bludger and a waster unless they can prove otherwise. They give huge tax breaks to the already wealthy and have quietly eroded and chipped away at government services,  Kiwisaver,  adult education opportunities, ACC coverage and financial support entitlements. The refusal to support any action regarding the inequities around underpaid, female dominated, jobs is yet another put down for a large group of workers.

I just can't see how belittling, bullying, devaluing and ostracizing will give heart to our workforce and inspire them to greater productivity.


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