SkyCity's Glorious Deal

SkyCity is a largely Australian owned gaming company that has just announced a $66 million profit, largely from gamblers, over the last 6 months. With this Government it has also scored a corporate jackpot and shows that under John Key's leadership all you need to do is ask and your wildest dreams can come true.

SkyCity: Could we have an exclusive deal for building the convention centre that shuts out other competitors?

John Key led Government: Yep

SkyCity: Could we do a backroom deal with no documented evidence of our negotiations?


SkyCity: Could we have a law change that will allow us to substantially expand our gambling capacity as part of that deal?


SkyCity: Would you give us a compensation clause that will protect our operations for the next 35 years?


SkyCity: Could you stop funding the most effective anti-gambling organisation?


SkyCity: Could you turn a blind eye to our lack of monitoring of problem gamblers?


SkyCity: Would you be able to give us some taxpayer owned land adjacent to the Casino for our hotel and conference centre?


SkyCity: Could you get the taxpayer to cover around 20% of the building costs of the convention centre (up to $130 million)?


SkyCity: That was easy :-)

JKLG: We haven't risen to the second easiest country in the world to do business in for nothing ;-)


Unknown said…
It would be funny if was not so close to the bone
Unknown said…
The Teflon is coming off and we are seeing the gaps appearing. Interestingly Bill English is keeping arms length from Keys constant stumbles. National have written him off as a future leader but I am not so sure now.
bsprout said…
National hasn't many alternative leaders, if you go through their front bench Bill is the only one that comes across as a possibility. If you look at their top 10 MPs it is actually a little frightening to consider any of them as a Prime Minister. Although I would say that most would give Abbot a run for his money (but we do have higher standards here). ;-)

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