Sorting Out the Greens

Russel's resignation has got the relatives out in force with helpful advice and interesting predictions.

Aunty Fran is very concerned that since Russel saved the Green Party by shifting it closer to the economic centre that Turei will stuff it up with her crazy talk about peace and freedom. Serious politics is about finance and building bridges with the larger parties and apparently Turei is too oppositional to be in opposition. According to Aunty Fran, talking about Key's appalling understanding of Maori issues should never have been brought up in a political Maori setting and was just "deeply gratuitous point-scoring." The Green Party would be better off with someone like Julie Anne Genter who says good things about transport and lives in Auckland (which is the only place that really counts apparently).

Uncle Chris also pitched in with his learned advice. According to him Russel was the champion of the left and was continually fighting against the moderates within the party who wanted to drag it to the centre. Turei fronts the moderates and they made sure that the "overtly left wing" Sue Bradford was pushed aside. As a wise old lefty, Uncle Chris has sadly observed that the Greens are slowly losing the their far left credentials and if Shaw and Genter ever became leaders, "the Greens will belong to whoever offers them the best deal". Russel's resignation signified the dominance the moderate faction in the Green Party and we have lost the only politician who could demonstrate to Labour what being truly left meant.

Uncle John predicts that losing Norman will be a "crushing blow" for a recovering Green Party and that we have lost a "Mighty Eucalyptus".

Cousin Martyn predicts that the "inner conclave"of the Green Party will decide that Hague will leader "with Met leaving in 18 months for Genter".

Cousin Bryce obviously thinks that some guidance counseling was needed because of "how much the Norman-Turei relationship had deteriorated" (according to rumours).

Cousin Cameron had no advice but celebrated the slow death of the "Green Taliban". Apparently "the Ginger Whinger" has been toppled by some superb "low Bastardry" by Kevin Hague, who has been plotting his "bloodless coup" for some time. Norman achieved nothing as leader and the Greens will remain "batshit crazy" under Turei and shed a lot of support.

I will be very interested in what Aunty Jane has to say, as she rarely keeps in touch and generally forgets our birthdays.

What is consistent about all this varied advice is its inconsistency and general ignorance. There is little appreciation of our internal processes, policy development, the values that drive us and the respectful way we manage our differences.

The Green Party will do what it always does, focus on the real issues (peace and freedom are definitely up there too) and choose the best candidate for the job using a process that has no 'inner conclave' dominating or warring factions. This has served us well when we voted in Rod and Jeanette and then Russel and Metiria (and all our other leaders within our party structures).

Thanks for the advice, but no thanks, we will manage perfectly well on our own without outside interference as we have done so for the past 25 years.


Shane Pleasance said…
I am curious as to how the greens promote peace and freedom?
bsprout said…
Through our charter, values and policies Shane, take a look...
Shane Pleasance said…
Indeed. I remain curious.

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