Five more reasons why John Key should resign

Towards the end of last year I listed five very good reasons why John Key should resign, here are five more compelling ones that have transpired since:
  1. Whether he has an actual problem with touching hair or not, it is a clear invasion of personal boundaries and human rights to continually touch someone after they made it clear that the contact was unwelcome. It is also harassment while at work and abuse of privilege if Key gets away with the behaviour. The incident has also caused international embarrassment
  2. John Key is sending troops into a war zone with no parliamentary consensus and he couldn't even name the enemy. It appears that our Prime Minister is doing what he has been asked to do by a larger power and has not actually ensured he has been fully briefed on the situation himself. 
  3. The Prime Minister does not have a leadership style nor has built a parliamentary culture that ensures he is well informed. He should have known about Mike Sabin's situation was well before he considered him for heading the Law and Order select committee.
  4. John Key continually makes personal attacks on those who criticise his leadership rather than deal with the valid issues that they bring up in a statesman-like way. Calling respected investigative journalist Nicky Hager and whistle blower Edward Snowden "backward-looking anti-American bunch of plonkers" makes his stance arrogant and unquestioningly pro-American.  His support of Cameron Slater is direct acceptance of 'shock jock' journalism and is therefore hypocritical. 
  5. John Key refuses to answer perfectly reasonable questions about the GCSB and is undermining public confidence in his honesty and personal oversight. The Prime Minister is ultimately responsible for the operations of our spy agencies and should be trusted to do this in the interests of genuine New Zealand security, not political expediency.
John Key is still not behaving in an honorable or an ethical way. He is not respecting the role of Prime Minister and is not conducting himself with any decorum or dignity. 

John Key should resign!  


kimba said…
I am continually stunned by the Key supporters who believe he can do no wrong! This is a man who slipped into n.z. politics with s N with a slick American style , no political experience, and a money lender to boot.
2. Likes to look like "one of the mates" to capture votes, catwalking in a gay fashion parade springs to mind

3. His ridiculous anti-statesman style has made n.z. the laughing stock of the world

4. Never have I seen any Prime Minister tug, pull, a womans hair, and when he actually stroked a little
girl,s hair! as a grandmother I was horrified.

5. Get rid of him
gravedodger said…
kimba You are very passionate.

I support Mr Key as by far the best offer on the horizon. I know very few who believe he can do no wrong but he is, like all of us human and his interaction with the 26 yo waitress is not his best moment but it is incredibly difficult for any public figure to access the off duty moments we all take for granted.
Yes he came to NZ politics from a very successful career in the commercial world where he became independently wealthy but calling him "A Money Lender" is taking liberties with the facts.
Unlike his predecessor he does have an inkling as to how the non government /state sector functions or in the case of NZ so often dysfunctions.
Also in stark contrast to his predecessor he did not spend his entire adult life in the political goldfish bowl that is where Ms Clark lived and still does.
Your second effort at character assassination ignores the salient fact that the sometimes crass, bumbling very open man seems to strike good vibes in many and be very politically attractive to some 60% of voters in polls. Since that is ten points above his party polling it would appear that numbers of those who oppose National for any reason still see him as their preferred PM. His temporary alternative cannot even get much more than a third of his NZLP voters to support his aspirations and Mr Peters garners his own supporters and another 5+% of other parties. Not forgetting that there are numbers on the right of centre who dislike Mr Key and would cast a poll vote for someone else.
That polling leaves the position of "Leader Of Her Majesty'y Loyal Opposition really open and makes Mr Little's throwing NZLP candidate for Northland, Ms Willow Jeaan Prime in front of the Peters Bus a monumental political miscalculation.

Mr Key's mana and acceptance among world leaders is so deep and widespread he has gained admission to so many audience opportunities that every other NZ PM is measured as the ones embarrassingly ignored.

Politicians make many cringeworthy efforts to gain voter acceptance and often can seem stomach churning yet you would possibly laud Ms Clark who threw her Public service driver under a bus for speeding through Sth Island Country towns to enable her to reach an All Black Game in the Capital when she has been a lifelong supporter of Rugby League.
Oh and then Ms Clark went through a sham marriage to Professor Peter Davis at the insistence of one James Patrick Anderton, then Alliance leader to make her more voter acceptable as he needed her to get him back to the levers of power.

Then again all my examples may well have horrified you equally so maybe your comment could have read:

The socialists and their green mates will never reach the treasury benches while Key is there so just get rid of him.

There fixed it for you.

ps just dropped by to see if David was OK as I have been out of the loop for a bit.

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