Credibility is everything.

I have heard many people voice the opinion that National will win the next election, not because they have been a particularly successful government but because Labour has not defined themselves as a credible alternative. Goff has not managed to counteract the relaxed amiability of John Key and Labour has had to re-establish itself as a party of the left after three terms of supporting the many flawed financial and regulatory systems that led to our current economic crisis.

National has no master plan for taking New Zealand confidently into the future other than letting market forces rule. With the current increases in the cost of fuel and the looming crisis in oil supply, Gareth Hughes asked the Minister of Finance to explain the Government's plan to manage this important issue. Bill English's reply was to the effect that they didn't need a plan, market forces will dictate.

National has clearly stated where their interests really lie, it is not with those struggling on low incomes or without jobs, it is not about protecting our natural resources for future generations it is about protecting the income stream for the already rich. It is the affluent of our society who have benefited from weakened employment law, huge tax cuts and the millions invested in private schools.

Only one party has been thoroughly consistent around its policies and messages over the years and that is the Green Party. The Greens have the only pragmatic and realistic economic policy, it is the Greens who have provided the most consistent advocacy for struggling workers and families and the Greens who have put up the most robust defense for keeping our strategic assets and resources under New Zealand ownership. The Greens credibility needs no defense and the Greens record of legislative change and budget gains, while never actually being in Government, displays an effectiveness that goes well beyond the few MPs that have been operating in parliament. With the Hone's defection and the Maori Party's total assimilation into the National machine, the Greens are now the only real parliamentary voice for Maori as well.

Labour will struggle in this next election, it will take some years to fully change its spots and become trusted again, the Maori Party has lost its mana and so it is the Green Party who will need to fill the void and ensure that the current government ends its tenure in November.  Credibility is everything.


Anonymous said…
Not one of the political parties running for government this run seems to have what it takes. It's time for a new party.

A party first of all that once in government, would make the fat-cat politicians sitting pretty on their six figure salaries work for it.

MP's should sit more than 40 days of our 365 day year. And on those days, they should be there. Roll call should be taken. And if those who loiter in the back benches happen to be absent then they shouldn't be paid. Like real jobs. In the real world.

I'm quite certain that if politicians were paid minimum wage the individuals who would then be involved are those who truly wish to be there.

Not the likes of Maggie Barry wanting a cushy job, with next to no hours, for a more than substantial salary.

Laws should not be rushed through under urgency because parliament is having yet another holiday. I say we hold the next 120 into the house accountable. Make them earn their tax-paid salaries.
bsprout said…
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bsprout said…
Sorry tried to edit my original comment, not easy once published.

Actually Anonymous a number of commentators have remarked on the impressive work ethic of Green MPs and while the public face of parliament is in the house, this is really just a theatre for political grandstanding. The real work goes on in select committees, representing electorates and working in numerous other forums. I actually think that a good many MPs in all parties work very hard, my concern would be around what motivates them and who they really represent. It is interesting that National, for instance, refuses to reveal who the lobbyists, who have regular access to them, represent.

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