National Government Driving Drunk!

This National Government is clearly intoxicated with money, power and influence and has impaired vision. Ministers replying to questions in the house, especially the PM, respond with arrogance and abuse not dissimilar to a drunk being reprimanded for bad behaviour.

Drunk drivers display poor judgement and barely notice the roadsigns or the road markings. The deterioration of our country's natural environment, the numbers of children experiencing poverty and the severe lack of housing are visible everywhere one looks but have been irresponsibly ignored.

This Government is also a hit and run driver. It hits NGOs and government services with funding cuts, drives away from the casualties and blames others for the damage. The Government often appears unaware of the bumps as the wheels of its car run over the bodies of its many victims.

A drunk driver can't implement complicated manoeuvres and this National Government botched the implementation of Novopay and finds driving the complex route through new housing areas too difficult. It is crashing into side barriers, bumping over curbs and killing innocent bystanders in the process.

Despite clearly being well over the limit and not being able to walk a straight line, clever PR, distractions and using loopholes in the law have enabled it to escape prosecution.

We have a drunk driver that is oblivious to the fact that there is also a pile of unrestrained and unprotected kids in the back seat of a car that has failed its Warrant of Fitness. The Children's Commissioner has rightly pointed out that promising to purchase a new model car in the future will do nothing to protect the children in danger now.

The most sensible thing to do would be to stop the car, ask the driver to step out and remove the 'Key'.


Unknown said…
Remove the Key, then throw it away.
Armchair Critic said…
Not sure about the analogy with drunkenness. It looks to me more like the warped logic, meanness and obsessive irrationality that comes from heavy amphetamine use.

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