Green Party Candidate for Invercargill

It's finally official, I am the Green Candidate for the Invercargill electorate. 

It has been a bit of a journey and I have had to go through a robust process to get to this point. I had to have a positive profile within the Party, a good CV, be formally nominated and survive an in depth interview before I got accepted into our candidates' pool. To achieve a list ranking in the Green Party I attended our campaign conference and experienced a number of useful workshops and training sessions. I then had to demonstrate my knowledge and skills by performing in a range of forums and scenarios in front of all the other candidates and large groups of members. My initial list ranking came out of my performances at this conference and the final ranking will come out shortly after all our membership have had an opportunity to vote. 

My candidacy for Invercargill involved another process that included a formal nomination,  a selection meeting (where other nominated candidates could contest the position) and then a majority vote was needed to win the position. 

You can imagine my surprise when Don Brash was able to use a corporate style takeover to attain the leadership of the Act Party when he wasn't even a paid up member

Other parties seem to use cloak and dagger type methods to change their leaders and I have heard some shocking stories about how list rankings are determined and electoral candidates are selected.

I am proud to be representing a Party that is principled, honest and transparent in the way it elects its candidates and leaders (our policies are pretty good too).


robertguyton said…
Congratulations Dave - the Invercargill Greens have made an excellent choice in you. Eric and Lesley will be feeling nervous already. Don't pull your punches!

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