Chris Trotter and Conspiracy Theories

Chris Trotter, well known political analyst and media commentator of the left, has made some bizarre claims about the Green Party. His suggestion that a coalition deal between National and the Greens is not that unlikely drew this response from me and the following discussion:

     I can imagine Key making that call, but when trying to imagine Russel (or Metiria)
     making a positive response, images of flying pigs and frozen flames come to mind


Well, bsprout, I think you need to give your imagination a bit of a workout.

Ask yourself why the Greens have, over the past three years, very sweetly, but quite ruthlessly, purged themselves of their left-wing MPs?

Ask yourself why their image managers have consistently repositioned their leaders as mainstream, non-threatening, politicians?

Ask yourself why their conference, flying pigs and frozen flames notwithstanding, refused to rule out a coalition agreement with the National Party?

Believe me when I say that, having asked yourself those questions - and answered them honestly - you will read my posting in a very different light.


robertguyton said…
You're kicking some old *rse there bsprout!
Trotter is wishing a Greenblue party into existence.
bsprout said…
I don't care how old Chris' *rse is Robert, in this case he's talking twaddle!

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