Chris Trotter Holds Fast to Past

My debate with Chris Trotter regarding his claims that the Green Party is deliberately purging itself of leftwing MPs and taking a softer more centrist position continues. Chris criticizes me for inaccuracies of political history but continues to make sweeping judgements with little basis in fact. His arrogant responses to my requests to provide some substance to his arguments demeans his status as genuine commentator of the left. I cannot be confident that he will allow my last comment to appear on his blog so I have published it own my own as well.

I'm sorry, bsprout, but if I responded to every comment demanding I do this, that, and the other, I'd never do anything else.

If you are interested in learning why I think the way I do about your party, then I suggest you read a few of my many postings about the Greens on this blog.

Remember, you're the guest here.


I have read all your posts on the Green Party over the years, Chris, and they all reflect a great fondness for the original leadership. Your open admiration for Rod Donald also comes through clearly to the extent that I am concerned it has clouded your objectivity  when evaluating our new leadership. In your criticism of Russel's Tibetan protest you forgot that Rod's right to protest was support by a security guard and two police whereas Russel got no such protection. Chinese security were blocked from interfering with Rod while Russel, although standing in a similar fashion to Rod, was manhandled and his flag forcibly removed.

I have concerns that you are making assessments of our new MPs and leaders based on your attachment to those with whom you had a close relationship. As someone who has connections with the "old guard" of the party and the new, rather than  feeling a sense of loss for those who have gone before and concern for the continued direction of the party, I feel encouraged and confident.

There will never be another Rod but I see his infectious enthusiasm bubbling out of Gareth Hughes and his political pragmatism present in many of our MPs. What you admired in Rod in terms of his positioning of the party outside of the left/right continuum and working across parties you now appear to criticise.

The connections between the generations of our party are strong and the relationships ongoing. When debates at our AGM are around semantics rather than philosophy there is obviously no shift in core direction or weakening of purpose.

When Holly Walker states "I am motivated primarily by a strong commitment to social justice and an understanding that this is inextricable from environmental and economic justice. In particular, I have a strong focus on reducing inequality for the benefit of the whole society." I see no difference in what motivates Holly to what motivated Rod.

Another generation from now, political commentators will be lamenting the loss or retirement of another dynamic and respected Green leader and expressing concern that those following will never truly replace them...


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