Politics and Pumpkins.

It is easy to become despondent and angst ridden when living under a National Government. Their arrogance, sense of entitlement and plain ignorance oozes from every statement and their splatter gun approach to governance is hugely unsettling. They seem to be firing half baked, ideological mush everywhere they can while hoping that some of it will stick. Our teachers, DoC staff, diplomats, beneficiaries, wage earners, local body councils and probably most New Zealanders are trying to survive and get on with their lives while also trying to avoid each shower of sloppy decisions being fired from the Beehive in their direction.

When I get tired of writing submissions and letters, supporting protests, signing petitions, demanding referendums, counseling victims of ACC cuts and attending endless meetings, I take refuge in my garden and marvel at my pumpkins. While I may not live in a mansion, my humble quarter acre is very productive and sustains us for much of the year. I wonder what John Key grows in his garden? I wonder if he realizes that it isn't the size of the garden that counts, but how you use it?

Can you spot the veges?


Kevin Welsh said…
Can't see any veges, but there is a giant weed in the pic above.
bsprout said…
Kevin, I wonder if there is a latin name for it, Extravagansus Smugitis perhaps?

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