State of the Nation by Dame Anne

Dame Anne envisages a healthy democracy and a decent society, neither of which we are currently experiencing and ends her opinion piece with:

"This is a wonderful country, and there is no place here for arrogant, dictatorial styles of governance. Our leaders need to learn greater humility, to trust the good sense of ordinary citizens and stop dancing to the tune of a selfish, uncaring few. Only then will New Zealand be prosperous, and free."
Read the rest here.

(Dame Anne Salmond is a distinguished professor or Maori Studies and Anthropology at the University of Auckland)


Sanctuary said…
Unfortunately, Anne Salmond is completely and hopelessly out of touch with life in New Zealand, which is why her well intentioned words will be completely ignored by more or less everybody.
bsprout said…
Santuary, what a bizarre statement. I cannot think of anyone who is better connected with both our present and our past. I am sure that the title of New Zealander of the year was bestowed on her because of her deep understanding of what has made New Zealand the country it is and her work to address the many contemporary problems we are facing.

You're not going to tell me that Mr Key is more deeply acquainted with the real New Zealand?

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