"Pass the Responsibility" Latest Party Game.

This National led Government have invented a wonderful new game (well they think it's wonderful), it's called "Pass the Responsibility" and is loosely based on Pass the Parcel. The rules are very simple (they need to be): the blame shifts around anyone other than the government and when the music stops those holding the responsibility, cop it.

  • 270,000 children are living in poverty and many go to school hungry. Blame the parents!
  • Many children struggle at school because of their home circumstances. Blame the teachers!
  • Work and Income computers provide access to private information. Blame Ira Bailey!
  • GCSB spys on New Zealand resident. Blame a lowly spook who was just following orders, blame David Shearer, blame everyone who didn't tell the PM what he should have known (when they probably did, but he's conveniently forgotten)!
  • The Christchurch Schooling Review debacle: Blame the education unions, teachers and the school communities for being selfish, not accepting that what's good for Treasury is good for children and being disrespectful of authority!
  • Unemployment levels remain high. Blame the unemployed for being lazy and not being prepared to live in cardboard boxes and lick the road clean every morning for $10 an hour, 12 hours a day like the government MPs did when they were young (a slight exaggeration, but it seems like that)!
  • The Government's inept, is borrowing hugely, the environment is stuffed and income inequity is increasing rapidly. I blame the voters!


Shane Pleasance said…
And you try to tell the kids of today that, and they won't believe you.

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