NZ in World News For Wrong Reasons

Aljazeera: NZ botulism scare triggers mass global recall

China Daily: New Zealand milk stokes fears

The Cambodia Herald: China stops imports of N. Zealand milk powder: NZ minister

Ria Novosti (Moscow): Russia Bans New Zealand Dairy Giants Products over Botulism

The Times of India: New Zealand diary giant issues global botulism alert

The New York Times: Botulism Threat Found in Infant Formula Ingredients

BBC: Fonterra 'sorry' for contaminated product scare

CNN: Fonterra dairy recall shakes China consumer confidence

The Australian Financial review: Fonterra seeks to limit damage from safety crisis.

I am hoping that the worst case scenario does not occur and that the Government and Fonterra can restore international confidence. If we don't have our dairy industry, what else do we have? The Government is spending hundreds of millions on continuing dairy expansion and intensification, is this a case of too many milk bottles in one basket?


Daniel Copeland said…
Over-intensification of dairy farming is doing severe damage to our environment, and by "environment" I do not mean "pretty little tweety birds" but "our ability to keep farming and getting away with it". Fonterra likes to spin criticisms of dairy as insults to farmers in general, but in fact sheep and beef do nothing like the kind of damage dairy does. We have gone too far down the dairy road. We urgently need to diversify.
bsprout said…
I totally agree, Daniel. We also need to grow crops, Southland is one of the best regions in the world for growing oats.

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