Proof that National Despises Our Public Education System.

Chris Trotter wrote an excellent post regarding Craig Foss's appalling inability to explain how public private partnerships (PPPs) will actually produce positive benefits to the school communities that have been forced to accept them. I wrote a comment in support of the post and got the following response.

Would bsprout be kind enough as to produce evidence of "Not only does National openly despise public education systems...."

Albert-As soon as they became Government National gave private schools $35 million and are currently providing Wanganui Collegiate with $800,000 while they negotiate to become an integrated school. They are dismantling our state system by introducing charter schools and are committing to PPPs even though Treasury has advised there are few benefits. The Government also supports secondary schools that adopt assessment systems that aren't compatible with our National Curriculum. 

Our public education system is internationally rated in the top five and therefore must be judged as a successful system by world standards. Despite this Anne Tolley stated at last year's National Party conference that the system needed systemic change and private models are being introduced to progress that change. Although New Zealand administrators are well regarded internationally the new CEO of the Education Ministry is from the UK and led the introduction of the equivalent of Charter Schools there.

Organisations like NZPF that represents most Primary Principals from public schools (and are a professional group, not a union) have their opinions ignored and is publicly denigrated.

National clearly doesn't like our public school system, or those who work within it, and wants to replace it with private models from the US and UK, countries that are ranked well below us internationally. If National liked and supported our successful public education system they would not treat it with such disdain.


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