New Zealand's Christmas Wish List

Dear Santa

Our Government has failed to deliver these presents over the past year and, as a last resort, we thought we would include them in our Christmas wish list. The chances of having them being delivered by yourself, down our chimneys, seems much more likely than any other way we can think of (barring a snap election and the installation of a Green/Labour Government).

  • Jobs, about 300,000 so that everyone who wants to be fully employed, can be, and maybe some of the  477,000 or so who have gone to Australia can return.  
  • Clean Rivers, it would be great if families could enjoy a swim in their local river or creek again over the Summer break.
  • A Living Wage, 40% of our children who live in poverty have a working parent. The median family income has dropped over the last few years and an increase in family incomes would be a great present.
  • A Low Carbon Future, it would be wonderful to gift our children with a real future that doesn't include catastrophic climate change. A carbon tax and rejoining Kyoto would be a great start. 
  • Good Public Transport, the Government want to spend $12 billion on unnecessary roads and yet the demand is growing for public transport. Reopening the Hillside Workshops would help with number one on our list as well as building our rail capacity. 
  • A New Minister for Education, the current one is just pretending to know the job and it is beginning to show. Our education system has dropped to number 9 internationally, so let's get someone else in the job to restore us into the top 4!
  • Homes, around 90,000 are needed in auckland alone. It would be great to have high quality houses for those on low incomes rather than the barely livable ones available for renting. 
  • A Lower NZ Dollar, let's get our economy going again and our manufacturers humming! 
  • Saving the Maui Dolphins (we have only 55 left), with so many of our native species near extinction saving these unique animals would be a wonderfully symbolic start to wider campaign of conservation.
  • Keeping Our Assets, it would be a brilliant present to New Zealand to know that we still have possession of all our assets and that the family jewels aren't being sold off to pay for this Christmas. 
We will leave you a glass of milk as it is the one thing that seems to be in plentiful supply. 

We are looking forward to Christmas day and the possibility of receiving at least one of the above.

Kind regards

The People of New Zealand 


robertguyton said…
Can that be raw, organic, unpasteurized, non-homogenized milk please, bsprout?
We don't want the dear old fellow to suffer ill-effects from your thoughtful kindness.
bsprout said…
Sadly, Robert, there isn't an abundant supply of real milk, just the industrialized variety. Dear old Santa will have to put up with the same lack of choice that the rest of us have to put up with. :-(

Shane Pleasance said…
Maybe santi could drop you a cow off, Dave?

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