I have just removed a post for the first time after receiving a range of responses. What was intended as a bit of provocative fun probably went too far.


robertguyton said…
Good on you, sprout. Never bring up the topic of which side the toilet paper should unroll from, ever again!
Wall or user-side, it's too sensitive a subject, even for an open-minded reader-ship such as yours!
bsprout said…
I can't help being amused by the role reversal here, Robert. ;-)

I had some interesting thoughts expressed on Facebook about it, too. The other interesting part about this is that I thought I might still leave a link to the article and the research that sparked it all and couldn't find it, however there were heaps of other studies done around the world producing similar results. I will leave such pursuits to the likes of Bomber in future.
Ella B said…
Pity about removing the post. Seemed clear to me that it was written in jest.
In regards to your comment; my argument was made more of an idealogical one. I certainly do not endorse National's current approach to governing.
bsprout said…
owlinalarkworld, although a number of people enjoyed reading the removed post I did receive a few comments as well as your own that questioned its value. I thought it best to remove it if it was going to have unintended consequences.

Please continue to comment and challenge my thinking.
bsprout said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
robertguyton said…
Just checking, Dave...
"Role reversal" - was that intentional?
If so, you're the King!

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