Worrying Similarities Between Milan Brych and National

While watching the docudrama about the medical fraudster, Milan Brych, I realized some strong similarities in this story with the National Party's governance of our country. It may appear to be an over the top comparison, but please bear with me as I explain how I came to this conclusion and you will see that it isn't that far from the truth.

In both cases we have a smiling benevolent facade, making claims that appeared convincing but had little substance behind them. The only real difference between Brych and the National Party is how they arrived into their position of power, Brych arrived from nowhere and with no proof of his past, whereas the National Party do have a documented past that includes Nicky Hagar's "The Hollow Men". However, in both situations people had got carried away with the promise of better things and were willing to ignore evidence (or lack of it) and take a gamble. The National Party promised a "brighter future" and Brych promised something similar for his patients.

The National Party have been injecting New Zealand with a toxic cocktail of mining, motorways, intensive farming, cuts in government spending, National Standards, Charter Schools and asset selling. They have claimed that this cocktail will bring the country back to life and provide a long, prosperous future. Like Brych, those who have invested in National have found good returns on that investment with increased wealth and privilege, when the money is pouring in you don't question the source.

When Brych was challenged by Professor John Scott to produce his research and evidence for his treatment he did not receive the open response he expected from a medical professional and was met instead with blocks and prevarication. The Green Party has received the same kind of responses from National Ministers when asked to produce evidence to support their numerous treatments. Brych used the demand for his treatment, and the hope he provided, as justification for continuing in practice and National use the same kinds of justification for theirs: they are building the motorways because people want them, they had a mandate for National Standards and they are selling state assets because of the 2011 election result.

It took a number of years before the growing cemetery on the Cook Islands provided convincing evidence that Brych's treatment wasn't delivering what was promised and we are beginning to find serious consequences under National's treatment. Under National we have increased unemployment, growing family poverty, widespread pollution, high teenage suicide,  poor child safety and welfare and it's getting worse.

Many people defended Brych despite the growing examples of incompetence and strongly criticized Prof Scott for daring to question him. The Greens have suffered a similar fate for questioning the government and have been under attack from National's supporters for daring to do so. While Green MPs haven't had their houses broken into there have been some extreme comments written in the blogosphere.

I hope you have come to realize, like me, that my comparison isn't entirely preposterous and that National needs to be instructed to stop their treatments forthwith before our economy and social fabric suffers fatal consequences.


bsprout said…
I find it ironic that National are regularly labeling the Green Party's economic policy as Voodoo Economics and yet their approach is more to do with mad idealistic guesswork and has a much closer resemblance to the Voodoo tag.

The Greens has used BERL to provide advice on matters such as the asset sales which seems a fairly sensible, almost mainstream, approach whereas National appears to even ignore sound Treasury advice that conflicts with their ideological agenda.
Unknown said…
The way National is using creative accounting to pretend that they are throwing money at Christchurch when they are barely spending more than they are going to collect in GST on the rebuild is didisgusting. But none of the media or opposition parties have bothered to get independent assessments of the claims being made by National. Even though it was local Government that made the repid response to the earthquakes possible and have been doing all the meaningful planning for the recovery Nationals spin doctors have been absolutely brillianr at running the divide and conquer approach to the Peoples Republic of Christchurch.
bsprout said…
Kevyn, I think National is continually being creative about their accounting and your story is probably being repeated elsewhere. They talk about the millions of extra money being poured into education but don't advertise that most of it is being used to repair the the leaking school buildings that they are responsible for causing when they deregulated the building industry in the 90's. They are also quick to blame others for poor economic responses (insurance companies) when they are dragging the chain themselves and yet still ensure the likes of Jenny Shipley receives $1000 a day for providing advice on the Christchurch recovery.

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