John Key Is No Prime Minister

An honorable Prime Minister respects the position.

A competent Prime Minister would remember important details regarding the country's security and important appointments that they were involved with.

A compassionate Prime Minister wouldn't do deals that negatively impacts on some communities or sections of our society for financial gain.

A fair and just Prime Minister would not favour the already wealthy above others.

A visionary Prime Minister would support decisions and policy that will be sustainable in the long term.

A diplomatic Prime Minister would not make flippant comments on the world stage.

A respectful Prime Minister will address others respectfully, even if he/she disagrees with what they say.

A peaceful Prime Minister would not lead our country into unnecessary wars.

An astute Prime Minister would follow good process.

A morally aware Prime Minister would expect high ethical standards from his/her Ministers.

An informed Prime Minister wouldn't dismiss the work of our most respected scientists.

A humble Prime Minister wouldn't demand special treatment.

A culturally aware Prime Minister would recognize tangata whenua on important occasions.

An environmentally aware Prime Minister would appreciate our natural heritage.

A loyal Prime Minister would support local businesses and invest locally.

An honest Prime Minister would tell the truth.

A rational Prime Minister wouldn't criticise journalists for doing their job.

A mature Prime Minister behaves accordingly and sets a good example to young people.

A socially aware Prime Minister doesn't put down communities insensitively.

An upfront Prime Minister would have nothing to hide.

A decent Prime Minister wouldn't spread misinformation or statements that he is not able to verify.

John Key is no Prime Minister!


Bioneer said…
Hope people follow the links.

Sad thing is I'm guessing it wasn't that hard for those example to spring to mind?

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