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A new era, or more of the same?

The votes have been counted, the dust has settled and what have we got? Virtually the same council as before with the two retirees replaced by Thelma Buck and Lindsay Abbot, and both of them have served before. It appears that the people of Invercargill do not like change. Invercargill has been riding a wave of prosperity in recent years, rising house prices, the rapid expansion of dairying and the success of the SIT has put new heart into our city. However, the concerns regarding the transparency of governance (many closed meetings), planning and auditing problems and the big odour issue, cause many to ask if it has been good luck or good management that has carried us through. There have been some strong views expressed on this blog about what should be done in the years ahead from many of our elected councillors. I would be expecting to see the following occur in the near future: 1. Invercargill joining the Communities for Climate Protection scheme. 2. Greater funding and support


We are being told that tomorrow is the last possible day for mailing voting forms to ensure your votes are counted. I have heard that since the mail sorting is now done in Dunedin it may take longer for a letter to be delivered, lets hope there are no delays. The talk around the country has been around the general apathy around local body politics. Some say it's because people are happy with their civic governance and while there may be truth in that, I think it's because many people just don't know who they're voting for. It was interesting to read the responses to my survey, however while this was a useful guide, it is what the candidates do once elected that really counts and sometimes those that make the most noise don't always live up to their own hype. I find it useful to read a range of political journalists who report on the performance of our national politicians. These journalists spend some time observing the debating chamber and following the progress

Anna Andrews responds

Anna Andrews had not received my survey when I sent it out originally and I apologize to her if the error was mine. The answers she provided (after only receiving the questions today) are published below. BSprout Anna Andrews replies: 1. Most certainly. It is imperative that the Council leads the way not only for its own savings but it must be seen to encourage all new buildings whether commercial or residential to also follow regulations which will help to preserve the future of our planet. 2. All three mentioned facilities are quite adequately financed at present. The gardens are a credit to Invercargill along with the swimming pool and its two galleries. However, other cultural facilities which could possibly be encouraged would be the visits of top groups/bands which many of the younger age group would like to see visiting here. 3. In the vast majority of cases, businesses are profit driven. When they make a profit do they offer it to the Council? Alas no! However, Vibr

Invercargill Candidates Surveyed

I surveyed local candidates on ten questions relating to local, national and global issues that impact on the people of invercargill. They were also given the opportunity to put forward their main interests and reasons for standing. Not all candidates had an available email and not all bothered to reply, but I appreciated the efforts of those who did. I can see this could be a useful forum for displaying the views of our politcal leaders on key issues and to provide a way of assesssing their future performance, will they walk the talk? If non respodents still wish to be included I am open to adding their responses. BSprout INVERCARGILL CITY COUNCIL CANDIDATE’S SURVEY. 1) Would you support Invercargill joining the Communities for Climate Protection Scheme ( as the Southland District Council has done? L. Abbot: YES K. Barkley: Yes, but I want to know more regarding this! K. Crowther: Yes A. Dennis: I know v