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School decision tests Green principles

I was appalled when James Shaw announced the $11.7 million funding for a private school. The fact that it was a 'Green School" promoting strong environmental credentials made no difference to me. Having worked in education for most of my career, and many years on the executive of NZEI Te Riu Roa , the value of a strong public education system was a fundamental concept. I spent many years fighting against the destructive, ideological policies of the last National led Government and its wasteful spending on Charter Schools. Any support of private education is an anathema to me. Clarence Beeby's 1940's vision of a quality education was one where teachers were expected to meet the individual needs of each child in equitably resourced schools ensured New Zealand was a world leader for many decades. "Every person, whatever the level of his academic ability, whether he be rich or poor, whether he live in town or country, has the right, as a citizen, to a free edu