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I couldn't put it better... You get what you vote for ....and if you don't vote, you can't complain!

Two bins or not two bins, that is the question.....

The ongoing debate around the collection of curbside waste continues. Despite past surveys, extensive consultation, many visits to view other city's collection systems there has been a reluctance from the Invercargill City Council to make a decision and stick with it. The original three bins proposal appeared to be a solid attempt to deal with the problematic green waste that is a headache for many residents and a huge methane producing problem at the dumping site. Past surveys had supported green waste collection and other towns do this and create useful compost. However a number of ratepayers objected to the inevitable increase in charges or having to pay for a system they personally wouldn't use and a growing controversy developed. The council became split and Geoff Piercy valiantly stuck up for a system and a decision process he had led with mixed reactions from rate payers. The debate continued for sometime and other Councillors reported on the potential difficulties

My Rates Bill

Today I received our latest rates bill and while it is never pleasant having to pay out large sums of money (we pay almost $2000 per year) it caused me to reflect on what I receive for my money. A well stocked and managed public library often used by my whole family on a regular basis. A sports stadium and pool both regularly used by family members. Our rubbish and some recyclabe plastics collected from our house. A reliable supply of water to our house and our waste piped away. Cycleways and paths used by our whole family for recreation and getting from one place to another in relative safety. Parks that are the envy of many where we often walk in an evening or attend the many theatrical or family events held within them. Anderson Park Art Gallery and the Southland Museum, both wonderful facilities we visit on a regular basis. Our street is regularly swept and trees planted and maintained. A theatre that is only one of two in the South Island that can host full Ballets that my wife su