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Composting - the circular economy starts at home.

My two bin composting system The Covid-19 pandemic has forced many households to look at how they can operate more sustainably and reduce the need to venture outside the safety of their home "bubble". During my last visit to a local garden centre before Level 4, I was pleasantly surprised that there had been great demand for vegetable plants. Obviously growing food at home was seen as an essential element of  lock down self-sufficiency. It is great to see more people wishing to grow their own food, as it such a rewarding thing to do. Food that is harvested fresh from a home garden has so many advantages compared to supermarket bought produce: You know where it has come from  The food miles or carbon foot print needed to get it to you are minimal You can grow produce that is not common in supermarkets (gooseberries, rhubarb, heritage varieties...) Fully ripened, freshly harvested produce tastes so much better than store bought More health giving nutrients are con