How Do Our Children See Poverty?

I wonder what the 285,000 children who are living in poverty in our country think about the world they live in? They could be asking the following:
The really sad thing is that many children won't be asking these questions because in the communities they live in many others are experiencing the same. For 285,000 children the unacceptable is normal. For a small country with an abundance of food and natural resources this is a shameful reality. Many accuse this Government of a lack of empathy and I do wonder how they can do so little about child poverty if there isn't some truth in that accusation. If we have another three years under such an uncaring regime I wonder how many more children will be excluded from having their basic needs met?


Unknown said…
Thanks for this, especially for the links so we can read the background information and really understand what's going on. I truly cannot believe New Zealand is treating our children this way. We are a land of plenty, and that is lacking is the will to change things. Now is the year for a change.
bsprout said…
For the sake of our children, our education system and our environment this government has to go!

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