More Tui Announcements for Education

Dear Sir

Every time the government announces a new education initiative I can't help seeing them in the form of a Tui advertisement.

I do struggle to see how cutting funding to the Ministry, forcing flawed or untested systems onto our children and increasing class sizes will improve our top five international ranking for educational achievement. I guess I should accept that I'm just a "politically motivated" teacher who has no idea about what is good for education and should leave such important decisions to the likes of the ACT Party and our Treasury.

Yours sincerely


robertguyton said…
Dear sincerely

As every Kiwi bloke knows, beer and pies belong together and as the Government is telling you porkies, a Tui is the perfect accompaniment.
bsprout said…
I think we will need huge quantities of beer to help swallow these porkies, they don't go down easily with me.

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