Dear John, The Love Has Gone!

"Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?" 

Dear John

In the beginning there was love.

For many years I admired your little Pacific paradise from afar, its low corruption and its 100% pure image called to me from advertising billboards. I loved the way that this little country had stood up against the powers of the world to become nuclear free, it had huge integrity and put truth and human rights ahead of shallow expediency. This was the place where I wished to bring up my family.

You can imagine the joy in my heart when I was welcomed to your land, established a wonderful home for my family and looked ahead to years of contended bliss. When I was granted residency my happiness knew no bounds and I had hoped that the public display of my gratitude went some way to thank you and your people for kindness I had received.

I had welcomed your eccentric little friend with the dark rimmed glasses into my home (in fact I flew him there in my helicopter) and when he asked for money I was happy to oblige. I was touched by his gratitude and offers of future support.

When a large foreign power became jealous of my business success, and there was an attempt to remove me from my paradise, I felt safe. Was this not the country that bravely sent out its battleship against a much larger power that was testing nuclear bombs in nearby waters? Was this not the country that stood up to the same power when they committed a terrorist act against them (despite the fact that no other country was brave enough to support them)? Was this not the country that refused to allow the mightiest nation of them all berth its warships unless they had an assurance that they carried no nuclear weapons? And didn't the funny little man with the glasses claim he would help me in any way he could?

As you well know the romance has now ended and the love is all but gone. I feel used and betrayed and the friends I thought I had have publicly denied their friendship. With great sadness and dismay I have come to realize that this little paradise I have loved is not what it seems. On the surface it glistens with purity and integrity but there also exists a dark underbelly of lies and deceit.

As a muso I felt these lines from a John Lennon song seemed apt:

"A pretty face may last a year or two
But pretty soon they'll see what you can do"

"Ah, how do you sleep?
Ah, how do you sleep at night?" 

Yours regretfully...

P.S. I would have written this by hand, but it still hurts.


Anonymous said…
P.P.S. New Zealand also has the finest Jury system in the world, which I find compellingly attractive.
bsprout said…
But a police and spy culture that needs some improvement.

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