Spring Bursts Through Political Gloom

I haven't posted for a number of days, partly because I have been doing other things that are more pressing and partly because of the depressive nature of commenting on the misguided and callous decisions constantly emanating from this National led Government. 

Spending time in our Invercargill quarter acre, listening to our visiting tuis and bellbirds, and watching the evidence of Spring bursting forth helps me believe that there will be an end to our political Winter as well.

Pear blossom



White turnip flowers

A Rhododendron I was given 25 years ago that first flowered only 3 years ago.

Purple sage, foxglove and grape hyacinth

A healthy bunch of wisteria buds.


JayWontdart said…
Nice photos Dave :-)

You're always welcome at our vegan potluck, where its impossible to be depressed, no matter how poorly run the world may seem :-)


Take care :-)

bsprout said…
Thanks for the invitation, Jordan, I'm in Wellington again this weekend so I hope you have another successful one anyway. I always enjoy the photos of the the food, an amazing variety.
Armchair Critic said…
that's a lovely garden, bsprout.

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