But will he walk the talk?

Nick Smith has released the Government's Freshwater Reform Report and in his introductory statement he says the right things. The real test of his resolve and that of the "Bluegreens" will be how they respond to the crisis in the Waituna Lagoon.


robertguyton said…
Eric Roy is a leading light in the Bluegreens, is the MP for Invercargill and has visited Waituna - is the state of the lagoon not known to him? Is he asleep? Is Eric's disconnection from and inaction over the Waituna crisis typical of the Bluegreens and National?
It is.
Russel Norman's there this weekend, well ahead of Smith and Roy (should he ever turn up).
Go Green!
bsprout said…
Eric's absence from a number of local crises has been noted, whether it be anti mining, aged care, minimum wages and now the Waituna. It makes you wonder what he will make a stand on!
Eric Roy said…
Nice attempt at a takedown, gents, but as both of you well know, I was at the anti-mining march, and I have met with an tried to address and resolve the concerns over aged care.
As to Waituna, I have met with staff of Environment Southland, Fish and Game, dairy leaders and Federated Farmers president as well as Ministry of Environment staff to look at ways to stop the degradation of Waituna Lagoon. National has produced a national freshwater strategy, something I note the Greens didn't try to do during their time on the Treasury benches.
robertguyton said…
Eric - I discovered your comment only now over on Paddy Lewis' blog. Hope you don't mind if I copy that comment to here Dave:

Just found your post Paddy - I read that you were taking a break from blogging but here you are! Excellent!
A for 'talking about someone when they're not in the room' - isn't that what we bloggers do, or are you not guilty of discussing someone in a distant place (I must look back over your posts for the sake of my education).
You blithely accept that Eric has been active in 'saving Waituna' - he says he's had meetings here and there - I'd love to hear how the one with Federated Farmers went! They seem to be in serious denial. Eric may well have been beavering away in the background - I hope he has and I'm sure he's enjoyed the opportunity that I provided for him to tell the world. I'd really like to know what progress he's made, what real steps have been taken on the ground, to prevent the flipping of the lagoon. Though I've been listening closely to every possible source, I've not, til now, heard anything from Mr Roy that would make me think 'he's onto it". As the MP for the electorate that Waituna is part of, I'd have thought he'd be leading the charge! Not til now, it would seem.
As to Eric's attack on the credibility of the Greens, Albert might like to 'run a ruler over that' when the next edition of the Southland Times is published. Keep the figure 8 000000 in mind Albert. Russels 'Dirty Rivers Tour' has show his on-going commitment to getting off his comfortable seat in the House and going out to see in reality what our freshwater is like - I'm not impressed by Eric's derision at all - are you Paddy? It wouldn't surprise me however, if Eric didn't even know about it. FYI - Russel met with scientists from ES, the CEO and two councillors, iwi representatives and DoC management at Waituna for an intense meeting, then went for a 'paddle' on the lagoon, then on to another meeting with farmers from the catchment, the Waituna Landcare Group and others for another close-up chance to learn what was really going on. Not bad for the leader of New Zealand's 3 largest political party. Do you think Key will turn up for a day at Waituna
bsprout said…
Good that you are following my blog Eric.

My comment about absences is based on public statements and observed actions. I have been reading your blog for some time and haven't noticed much reference to the areas we have brought up here. If these are things that are important to you I thought perhaps there may be mention of them, if you have and I've missed them I am happy to be corrected.

I think you need to be reminded that the Greens have never been on the treasury benches as you keep claiming, you might remember that Labour decided to go with NZ1st and Peter Dunne instead. All our achievements have had to come through negotiation and private members bills and we have done pretty well at that.

It is also a pity that our other really good initiatives like "Buy Kiwi Made" have been discarded by your government, but we are grateful that you saw the wisdom of our home insulation initiative.

I look forward to more discussions here now that I know you are watching. :-)

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