Too Many Deficits!

Dear Sir
Just how many deficits does this Government wish to run?

After rejecting the Green’s suggestion of an earthquake levy, which would more equitably share the cost of Christchurch's reconstruction, the Government has chosen to cut benefits and borrow. We will find those with the least will suffer more while the wealthy get to keep their tax windfalls. Cutting spending and borrowing will just delay the inevitable costs and will lower our international credit rating.

While the financial deficit is bad enough this Government is compounding our problems with a huge deficit in visionary thinking. While China is now leading the world in the design and manufacture of ecologically sound and sustainable energy sources the National Government’s prematurely released Energy Strategy revealed that fossil fuels still dominate their thinking.

I would rather live in a clean green country that leads the world in sustainable food production and innovative, carbon neutral energy sources than live by an open cast lignite mine that would lead to yet another deficit, a negative balance in carbon credits.

Yours sincerely.... 


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