Mataura is not a hole!

The combined efforts of my ideas and my son's graphic design skills. What do you think?


robertguyton said…
That's excellent Dave'n'son!
Tarsh Turner said…
I like!!! What would you think about making this into posters to go up around Dunedin?
bsprout said…
Tarsh, if there is general support for some posters, I think it would be easy to send the images out for others to print off as they wish. There are a couple of others in the pipeline as it has been suggested that a positive message around alternatives would be good.

"Our future is in producing food not fossil fuels" ?
bsprout said…
We have a change in the final line, due to more support at our meeting tonight for the current line rather than "let's keep it that way!" that I had before.
cracker666 said…
Well, Mataura is a hole, but I take your The food one I think might resonate more with Southlanders!

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