Two New Posters

What do you think?


Rachael Goldsmith said…
I'm a fan of B.
bsprout said…
I'm pleased you are Rachael, I'd be worried if you weren't. Which poster of the three works best for you? Or should I print all three?
Shane Gallagher said…
Hi Dave,
I prefer the second one. Couple of resons
- it is more dramatic
- it actually captures the message visually
- people can see two forms of "income", two futures if you like. Maybe include some organic cows in the field? (that is a little joke btw but I am serious about the cows - get the farmers thinking.
- hey what about black death/white gold (dirty lignite, lovely organic milk?) reckon you could get an image out of that
- how about a picture of the mine in the future? You know big wasteland and a picture of the future with just farming... :-)
bsprout said…
Thanks for the feedback, Shane. I actually almost chose a picture with cows but as I am also fighting to reduce cow numbers to save the Waituna Lagoon, it didn't quite seem right. Sheep may be better, or some apple trees.
Anonymous said…
Maybe a cow next to a few trees (and defiantly not near a river!).

Perhaps with a mountain in the background? Hmmm need to go scenery scouting...

Good posters.
Anonymous said…
need to check

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