Five Reasons Why John Key Should Resign

There are many reasons why the Prime Minister John Key should resign, but here are five:
  1. It is unbecoming and unethical for our Head of Government to continue to have a personal and ongoing relationship (txt conversations) with a discredited 'shock jock' attack blogger who calls his blog 'Well I'll Be Fucked' (English translation).
  2. It is untenable that our Prime Minister accepts the word of a discredited blogger over that of the Inspector-General of Intelligence and Security in suggesting that parts of her official report are contestable.
  3. Deliberately misleading the House is a serious offense and the Prime Minister has been caught out previously for this. His denial that he had any recent contact with Cameron Slater was patently dishonest. It also appears that he only made the subsequent correction when Cameron Slater himself revealed that he had been communicating with him.
  4. The Prime Minister is the Minister directly responsible for his own office and the SIS and to continually deny his role in overseeing the culture and activities of both is unacceptable. Jason Ede was working under his direction and the culture of using public officials to discredit the opposition is unethical and occurred under his leadership. 
  5. Key has led a Government dogged by unethical behaviour and conflicts of interest, resulting in many Ministers resigning. Under his Government there has been a breakdown of democratic process and a manipulation of government resources for political advantage. This has caused the likes of Dame Anne Salmond to voice public concern about the state of our democracy.
We expect our Prime Minister to use his office and authority in the best interests of all New Zealanders. We have the expectation that our Prime Minister is honest and transparent about his intentions and activities. We rely on our Prime Minister to be fair and impartial in his dealings with New Zealanders at all levels and sectors of our society. We expect our Prime Minister to operate in a manner that is respectful of the office he has been elected to and that his conduct is always honorable and ethical.

John Key has failed to meet the basic expectations we have of his office, he should resign!


blondewithaniq said…
Thankyou. When John Key warned to the effect arrogance and complacency by Ministers in a third term could jeopardise it that was the most truthful statement he has made in 6years.

Slater's file must be dynamite.
bsprout said…
blondewithaniq, I agree, there is a good chance that John Key will actually be the architect of his own demise.
Paranormal said…
It's time you on the left built yourselves a bridge - and got over it. if I weas Prime Minisiter i would say to you that i could talk to any New Zealander I like.

Are you going to demand the Green and other lefty MP's that talk to and work with Slater should resign? A case of "put up or shut up" is in order.
bsprout said…
I have no problem with the PM talking to a range of people but for the most vile blogger in New Zealand, who specializes in scuttlebutt and personal attacks, to have privileged access to him is not a good look.

The fact that Key favours Slater to mainstream political journalists and openly values his opinion is a huge concern and causes many to question his political judgment and moral compass.
Paranormal said…
I notice you avoided the Key element of my question:

Are you going to demand the Green and other lefty MP's that talk to and work with Slater resign?
Paranormal said…
Isn't this interesting from the party that believe they promote freedom of speech and freedom of association:

Seems like Stalin and Goebbels its only freedom of speech they agree with that's allowed.
Theres a big H word looming again....
Anonymous said…
I would point out that as Prime Minister he is Head of Government not Head of State. That honor lies with the Governor-General as a representative of the Crown. Otherwise, I whole heartedly agree. Key needs to either resign or get impeached. But that's unlikely to happen while National is in power...
bsprout said…
Excellent point, I'll make a change.

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