Another Three Years Under The Blue Taleban...

We have around another twelve months of a National led Government and there is always the possibility of them achieving another three years, possibly with the support of Colin Craig and the Conservative Party. For those who are concerned about social justice, a sustainable economy and a clean environment the thought of three more years under this regime is the stuff of nightmares. If we look at the trends up till now, what is currently being planned and the logical outcomes if National won another term, we could probably predict the following:

  • Inequality will continue to grow at a faster rate than other OECD countries and things like breakfast in schools and food parcels will be relied on by more families as the numbers of working poor continue to grow. The Government will continue to block attempts to introduce a living wage and will only increase the minimum wage by around 50c an hour ($5 short of the living wage). 
  • Revelations of widespread corruption and profiteering in the Christchurch recovery and many home owners will still be waiting for satisfactory resolutions after 6 years. 
  • Housing crisis deepens as building continues to be well behind demand and access and affordability issues increase. 
  • Large marches across the country as the primary education system reaches crisis point. Changes in decile funding (that further disadvantages poor communities), unresolved Novopay problems and mandated national testing push education workers and teachers to a breaking point. The flow of money to private schools and the lack of support for high needs children becomes more obvious. Many question the continued support of Hekia Parata as Minister as further court decisions question her processes. 
  • Government borrowing continues to spiral upwards the despite sale of the remaining power companies and Air New Zealand at bargain basement prices
  • Anadarko and Shell begin exploratory deep sea drilling and a number of protestors are arrested for getting too close to the operations and breeching the Government's new law. A near accident highlights our vulnerability if a major leak occurred and the Government struggles to reassure the country regarding protective measures.
  • New Zealand's reputation as a clean green country takes further hits as we become the highest per capita emitters of green house gases in the world through the government's refusal to substantially recognize the issue. 
  • Auckland traffic problems increase despite the new motorways and the central rail loop is further delayed. 
  • 2016 NBR Rich List reveals that our wealthy continue to do well and CEO salaries increase by another 15%. 
  • The SkyCity Convention Centre provides fewer jobs than claimed and the previous drop in problem gambling in Auckland reverses as the SkyCity casino expands.
  • New Zealand becomes world laughing stock as Colin Craig's parliamentary speeches go viral on Youtube. 
  • Many workers find themselves working longer hours without breaks and worksite accidents increase. 
Enough of the Blue Taleban, the Green version would be so much better. 


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